What if Things Were Made in America Again
What if Things Were Made in America Again

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Informative, Upsetting, Mobilizing and Inspiring


Good thing I'm retired, as I found this book so un-put-down-able that I neglected my vacation preparations.  The book, which was very readable, was informative, upsetting, and infuriating, (and Chapter 8 was terrifying), but ultimately, it was mobilizing and inspiring. 


I have always been a label reader, albeit a serendipitous one, mostly out of idle curiosity to see where a sweater or pair of shoes was made.  "Made in America" made me happy, but "Made in Indonesia" didn't upset me.


Gone are those days! This book has made me positively militant.  Since I can certainly afford to spend more to purchase an American-made product, I have become a dedicated label-reader and a faithful buyer of American-made products.


To the author I say, thank you so much for opening my eyes, and kudos to you for the dedication and research that went into this book. I even read the footnotes! 


Katie Gnall, May 21, 2017



A Must-Read with an Urgent Message


Exceedingly well-researched and well-written, author Jim Stuber explores what is really going on with trade and globalization and their effects on the U.S. and world economies and the world order. The book is organized around three questions: Why does it seem like everything is made somewhere else? Isn’t that causing a problem? If it is, what can be done about it? The answers are both surprising and disconcerting. We can see the effects all around us, in America's small towns, decaying factories, and in the economic reports published by the U.S. government. Many have written around the topic - but Stuber goes right to the heart of the matter in "What If Things Were Made in America Again." This is a must-read for all American's, but especially those who are concerned about what kind of America we will be leaving to the next generation.


Thomas Petro, July 1, 2017



Easy to Read and Understand


James Stuber takes complex material and makes it easy to read and understand. He shares stories, history and charts in a compelling way that makes you stop and and reflect on the question - What if things were made in America again? The light bulb moment that he shares spurred him on to write this thought provoking book.


Judy Cohen, May 18, 2017



Each chapter has an excellent summary


Extremely well written and well researched history of how the middle class has lost its opportunity to achieve the American dream. Though the book seems long each chapter has an excellent summary. The book takes you back to the post WWII era and follows the path of political and business decisions that have sent millions of jobs overseas.


John Gillen, June 8, 2017



A good easy read for folks looking for background and implementable ideas on How to actually Make America Great again


Well done and apolitical. Marvelous collection of history and current event. Hope Jim Stuber writes more or does more to make this happen in coming years.


William W. Collins, July 2, 2017



Help America Be Great Again


“What If Things Were Made In America Again” is a straightforward, sobering look at some of the problems of present day America and how we got here. After reading it, you will never shop with the mindset of the past again. The destructive economic and trade policies pushed by the powers-that-be are laid bare. But more than that, a practical and practicable solution to our present troubles is offered. I wholeheartedly recommend this fascinating book if you want to understand present-day America.


Tom McCarey, September 2, 2017



This is a must read for every American!


This book is a well researched, informative, nonpolitcal must read. It is enjoyable to read such a well written book and should be read by every America; not matter who or what you are the information is important. Mr. Stuber writes in an easy-to-understand, factual manner and gives the history of America's rise-to-power and what we face today and how we can correct the problems.

As an American who'd rather do without than purchase shoddy, toxic Chinese, or any other country's cheaply-made, garbage, I look forward to the day when we can all buy good quality American-made products and our fellow Americans have jobs that don't require them to ask, "Would you like fries with that?" or "I'm sorry you're having problems with . . . ".

I donated my book to my small-town public library to help reach more Americans.


Texas, October 12, 2017



And not only does the author provide a better vision for the future . . 


This book is, first and foremost, about a topic that is vitally important to the well-being of every American: how and why the country's economy is suffering from the loss of jobs and lower wages through trade imbalances created in this era of globalization. Not only does Mr. Stuber make a compelling and very well researched case for the how and why of our current plight, he also offers well reasoned solutions to the problem, most significantly, a consumer commitment and movement to buy things made in America again. And not only does the author present a brilliant vision for the future, but also a road map for achieving it. This is a book every American should read and then act upon personally for our personal benefit and that of our country.


Alyce Stick, January 14, 2018



You can tell the research one was very thorough and great thought went into this book


Absolutely incredible book. If you want to understand the history of how we started to where we are now and what is coming in the future of consumer goods - this is the book for you. It is about time someone has taken imitative to bring things back to America. You can tell the research done was very thorough and great thought was put into the book. This is a book everyone should have in their household, and if you are in business -- a must read. Thank you Jim for this great experience!!!


Jodi Lavitt, May 3, 2018



Finally: an optimistic solution to our economic conundrum


I highly recommend "What if Things Were Made in America Again" it is a timely, organized and well-researched look at how the current economic problems facing our country have evolved over the years and what may be in store for the future. This book is very readable and easy to follow and understand. It fits all of the pieces of the puzzle together so that the average person can make sense of what is going on. The chapter summary was especially helpful. The reality of job losses and it effects here and working conditions outside of the United States are horrifying. The author also goes into depth on China, a major player in the global economy.

I appreciated the optimistic "better vision" ideas with specific solutions I can personally get behind. This impressive volume has raised my social consciousness to where I will be proactive in being more a part of the fix. It has given me an understanding so that I feel confident in conversing on this topic. Readers should be motivated to take personal responsibility and be more thoughtful in everyday purchases. It is refreshing to see the subject approached from the solid value system our nation was founded on.


Lorraine Perry, July 4, 2018





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